Programming the YAMAHA

I finally got the bastard to move. I started to write a ‘Control Interface’ in Delphi, with some predefinded commands. I really got tired of having to retype commands in Hyperterminal all the time. the Delphi program takes care of start- and endcodes and has a growing number of commands which I can send by a simple mouseclick. I managed to upload a program file which I created, but it wouldn’t run. I have not figured out yet how I can compile a program. Hopefully the User’s Manual which one of my collegues promised me to dig up will contain that info. I can’t wait till he gets back from his holiday…..
Eventually I’d like to be able to do more with this robot than just make it execute simple oneliners that only contain one command. My goal is to write a g-code interpreter which runs on the controller. Programs are written in a Basic-like dialect, which also has some string functions. Interpreting g-codes shouldn’t be too difficult to program…..smiley

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