Yamaha robot

The next thing I wanted to achieve of course was to see something moving. After getting rid of the ‘interlock’ fault message I got a new one. My new pal lost his mind and only responded with ‘Feedback error’, which drove me nuts for a while. I tried to disconnect and swap cables, but the message would’t go away. In the mean time I had also hooked up a panel with some switches and LED’s to the pins that were labeled ‘origin’, ‘start’ etc.. Nothing happened, so I pulled the servo board and shoved it back in. I flipped the power switch and went away to get another cup of coffee from the kitchen. On returning I heard a humming sound. The servo’s where actually working and when I pressed the origin button the axes started to move!
Now before moving on, I tried some of the commands in the book. Finally I managed to make the controller send some important files to the PC. Having a backup of the configuration files on my PC now gave me enough peace of mind to call it a day (or rather night) and use the (little) remainder of it on catching some sleep.

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