Aciera F450 Conversion

Back after a long period of silence. I started rebuilding the control system of an Aciera F450 milling machine. Originally the machine was fitted out with a Fanuc CNC controller. After someone pulled some boards for cleaning, the controller went dead. Why would anyone store the firmware in battery backed-up Continue Reading

YAMAHA Manuals

Finally someone found me some manuals for the YAMAHA robot. A quick scan however did not reveal the presence of a ‘Compile’ instruction. Since I do not have the programming terminal, which should be part of the system, the only way I could make the thing move was to issue Continue Reading

Programming the YAMAHA

I finally got the bastard to move. I started to write a ‘Control Interface’ in Delphi, with some predefinded commands. I really got tired of having to retype commands in Hyperterminal all the time. the Delphi program takes care of start- and endcodes and has a growing number of commands Continue Reading

Yamaha robot

The next thing I wanted to achieve of course was to see something moving. After getting rid of the ‘interlock’ fault message I got a new one. My new pal lost his mind and only responded with ‘Feedback error’, which drove me nuts for a while. I tried to disconnect Continue Reading

YAMAHA 3-axis robot

Some time ago someone at my work showed me a 3-axis linear YAMAHA robot which was taking up valuable warehouse space, and ready to be scrapped. I couldn’t resist the temptation to start a refuge for abandoned robots so I took the poor thing home.Unfortunately the victim arrived in a Continue Reading